About IMJ

IMJ develops custom simulation models and software in collaboration with industry bodies and universities in Australia.
Ian Johnson
Dr Ian Johnson is a mathematician with many years experience modelling biophysical systems as well as research and teaching in agriculture and plant science. He has published widely and is co-author of the text Plant and Crop Modelling (2000) with John Thornley. He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of New England, Honorary Principal Fellow with the Melbourne School of Land & Environment at the University of Melbourne, and a former Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Nutrition Modelling in the Department of Animal and Poultry Science at the University of Guelph, Canada. Major projects have been completed for research organisations in Australia and New Zealand including Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), Dairy Australia (DA), AgResearch (New Zealand), University of Melbourne, CSIRO, University of New England, Department of Water and Energy, Department of Primary Industries and the Bureau of Rural Sciences.  Our current main focus is with the Australian Sheep CRC.  IMJ, as Greenhat Software, also developed the research and teaching software packages PlantMod and WaterMod which have been used in more than 40 countries.