AgMod Batch

AgMod Batch allows you to run DairyMod and SGS Pasture Model simulations in batch. Combinations of both models can be run.

Installing AgMod Batch

The current version of AgMod Batch is 1.3.3, compiled with model version 5.6.3. If you already have the program installed, click ‘Help, About’ to check your version number.

AgMod Batch

Note that AgMod Batch to run both DairyMod and the SGS Pasture Model is no longer being updated.  To run DairyMod in batch, please download the ‘DairyMod Batch’ program on the DairyMod page.

Release notes

The program should be largely self-explanatory, but here are some notes:

AgMod Batch has the same program version number as the current version of DairyMod or SGS Pasture Model. When simulations are loaded the grid at the bottom of the screen will show:

File name
Output file name
Model (DM or SGS)

The output file has the same name as the simulation file but with the usual Excel extension (.xlsx). Output files can either be in the same folder as the simulation file or a specified folder and this option applies to all the simulations that are being run.

Files can be removed from the grid and therefore from the list of simulations to be run. When a file is loaded, the climate file is checked. If there are any problems these will be indicated in the ‘Status’ column.

When you click ‘Run’ the simulations are run in turn. If the simulation runs ok, then the ‘Status’ will be ‘Done’ otherwise it will show an error.

Output files will overwrite files of the same name without asking. If a file with the same name as the output file is open when the program tries to save the file, this will give an error.

If you press ‘Cancel’ it may take some time to stop the simulations running, particularly in the middle of a large export.

When you press ‘Run’ the program will attempt to run all simulations even if they have already been run.