Saving old model versions

Sometimes it is useful to save older versions of either DairyMod or the SGS Pasture Model in order to reproduce results obtained with those versions.  The installer doesn’t support side-by-side versions, but there is an easy workaround.

Here are the instructions for DairyMod:

  1. Go to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\IMJ\DairyMod 5
  2. Copy the file ‘DairyMod.exe’
  3. Paste it somewhere convenient.  I suggest renaming it – for example, if it is version 5.3.13 then maybe call it DairyMod 5.3.13.exe

Use the same approach for the SGS Pasture Model, where the system folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\IMJ\SGS 5.

I do, however, encourage people to make the move to the latest version of the model.